Earning after your graduation - best degree to study.

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When choosing a school as a student athlete, its also important to view it from an academic sense, taking time to consider which subject you would like to major in. While in your current state of mind, your major may play second fiddle to your blossoming collegiate career, its always better to graduate armed with a degree, as the world of sport is rocky, and you never know which circumstances may affect your athletic career. While it is important that your major is something you are interested in, its vital that you are aware of which degrees will give you the best prospects after school. Things like music and art may sound appealing, but the reality is the job opportunities for an art history graduates are slim to none. If there is a subject that you are really interested in and passionate about, look into minoring in it instead an unusual minor can work in your favour during job and grad school interviews and when navigating the world of work! It is not a secret that graduates majoring in STEM subjects are some of the best paid in all of the US, but their salaries represent the challenging workload took on and the even more advanced jobs they do as graduates. Degrees in things like information systems, web design, e-commerce and multimedia are all highly sought after as technological industry develops. Graduates leaving with a Masters degree in computer science can expect an average salary of $49,100. However, there are degrees with high wages but low employment rates. For example, majors in the law and public policies while among the high paid vacancies usually suffer from higher unemployment levels. On the other hand, degrees in the liberal arts field, such as political science, philosophy, or communications, have become more appealing to developing tech companies, who feel graduates with these majors can bring something new to the table. According to a Forbes report in 2015, software companies in Silicon Valley are discovering that liberal arts thinking makes them stronger. Despite this, there are graduates leaving with majors that make their financial prospects seem negative in areas such as education and social work but looking positively to the future. Some will argue that jobs in educating and working with children are some of the most satisfying jobs there are, and that the lower wages are something they can deal with if it means working in a job they love. These jobs also bring comparatively high job security, good holidays and a sense of giving back to the community. Therefore, it should be noted there is no perfect degree, in the same way that there is no perfect job. While weighing up your options, take into consideration things like salaries, employment prospects and job security, but also think about the satisfaction and happiness you will gain from working in this field.  

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