Soccer Scholarships For Mohammed Mohammed & Paolo Cannonero

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Both Mohammed Mohammed and Paolo Cannonero have intentions of securing Soccer Scholarships out in the States like hundreds of FirstPoint Athletes before them have. Mohammed who hails from London has dreamed of becoming a soccer player at a high level since a young age and has realised the importance of education alongside the sport he loves.

When I was younger, I was always terrified of fully pursuing the dream of being a soccer player. The thought of sacrificing my education, for me, was too big of a risk. This is as I valued it too much and I wanted to, at least, have an academic qualification

It is a superb mind-set that Mohammed has in regards to realising the importance of education and it is something that we look for in our potential athletes. Mohammed also talked about the opportunity that FirstPoint USA has provided him with

Now I've been blessed with the opportunity to be a student-athlete in the states, I can devote 100% of my energy to both my academics and athletics. This takes the pressure of me and enables me to be the best that I can be in both disciplines

The Clissold Thirstle FC player also talked to us about his sporting inspirations that included Sir Mo Farah, Sir Andy Murray and the mercurial Cristiano Ronaldo. These are three prime examples of how hard work can get you to the very top of your respective sports.

Something we always ask of our athletes is where do they see themselves in 10 years time and Mohammed had this to say

I see myself either playing soccer in Europe in one of the big leagues. I could also see myself becoming a successful published novelist.This is why being a student athlete is perfect for me. If I fully commit myself to my athletics and academics, I am certain that either dream will become a reality; or even both. Nothing is impossible


Paolo who hails from Italy and in particular Vigevano as you may have guessed has similar intentions to play on a soccer scholarship in the USA. At the age of 11, Paolo played for Novara who are a renowned side in terms of the top divisions in Italy. Currently the Italian lives in Ireland for Coole FC.

[caption id="attachment_11029" align="alignnone" width="625"] Paolo in action.[/caption]

When Paolo was asked about why one of our soccer scholarships sounded ideal for him he said

I really like playing soccer but I know well that I need a good education for a better future and I realized that U.S. universities are well known both

Paolo also provided an interesting and admirable response when asked who his sporting icons were.

I don't really have three top sports figures but I like those players who maybe aren't known for their talent and aren't on the first pages of the newspapers but that worked very hard to reach their goal. Those are my models because they are the demonstration that if you work hard you can reach achieve anything

We will keep you updated on these two talented athletes who will soon embark on their respective soccer scholarships!

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