How Much is Your Dream Golf University Worth?

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Unashamedly competitive and in many respects worshipped - a love of college sport in the US is unlike anything else.

  • Golf is the 7th most popular sponsored sport at US universities and colleges
  • 1,328 US schools offer a golf programme totalling 18,930 varsity athletes
  • California, Texas and Georgia are the top 3 states earning the most golf profit

New research conducted by has found golf to be the 7th most popular sport in US universities and colleges, tucked in-between cross country and tennis.

Sourced from research showcasing the number of schools sponsoring varsity programmes for individual sports, further findings discovered that 1,328 accredited 4-year colleges in the US out of a possible 2,618 offer some form of golf programme for prospective students to take advantage of. Altogether amassing an impressive 18,930 varsity golf athletes. also identified the recommended Top 10 US universities and colleges, in which to play golf at scholarship level or otherwise.


Does your dream school in its state match its quality to its worth? Further research also found just how much each of these prospective university golf states contribute to the US economy.

Please see the press release attached and for more information on this study - - includinginfographics.

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