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Were pleased to welcome the latest addition to our list of soccer players here at FirstPoint USA, Ross Hanley. Ross hails from Tullow, County Carlow in Ireland and has been playing football there from a young age. He began playing with Parkville United AFC at the age of 9, and still currently still plays with this club.

Ross, who attends Tullow Community School, wishes to pursue a scholarship in the sates. He is very passionate about both soccer and his education, and feels that by going to America he will be given a great opportunity to pursue both. He is looking forward to heading to the states in order to explore a completely new environment and country; but is also keen to improve his soccer skills as well as receive his degree at the end of the scholarship.

When asked about his top three sports idols, Ross stated them to be Neymar, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He looks up to Ronaldo because of his strong wok ethic and huge levels of success, and alsotells us that Neymar and Messi inspire him due to their huge levels of talent and passion for the game.

Throughout his soccer career, Ross has seen many successes including winning the league with his team three times at U14 level and twice at U18 level, in addition towinning the Promising Young Player Award at his current club. However, Ross tells us his favourite sporting memory has to be when he and his team won the league last year, after having been seen as the underdogs against an unbeaten side.

Ross tells us that in 10 years time he hopes to still be playing soccer at as high a level as he can; to either be professionally playing soccer or to be in a secure job and still playing soccer as much possible.

We wish Ross the best of luck and will keep you updated on news regarding Ross through our various social media platforms.

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