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Joshua Herd hails from Hamilton and has previously attended Calderside Academy. Recently, the FirstPoint USA former client completed the second year of his soccer scholarship at the University of Wisconsin Superior. Now already half way through his college career, we asked Joshua was kind enough to share some of the experiences he has had out in the states playing with the Yellow Jackets, and has offered some advice to any prospective student athletes.

I've been having a lot of fun over here in Superior, WI. The soccer has been brilliant and the people all around are all very nice people. My highlight of my sophomore year would be making conference finals for the second time in 2 years. The facilities at the University of Wisconsin-Superior are top of the range and improving daily, from gyms to school buildings. The campus is constantly growing in a very good way. The greatest sporting achievement of the team again would be making the conference finals."

Joshua tells us that moving from playing, as a freshman to a sophomore wasnt a huge jump, but was definitely noticeable. Stating that the main difference is no longer being the youngest on the team, you have to grow up quickly in order to be there for the new freshmen.

I have been coaching with a local U12 boys soccer team which has been fantastic and is a great opportunity around Superior. But, the amount of on campus jobs around is great for the international students & even the local students, to earn money.

With regards to juggling studying, playing and a social life, Joshua tells us that he is managing quite well with this. Joshua tells us that he manages to go out with friends at weekends but also ensures he has enough time to study and pass his classes, telling us that once you get into the swing of things, it becomes much easier to handle.

Finally, Joshua gave some advice for any prospective student athletes thinking about heading out to the states on a sports scholarship

I'd advise everyone to try out the US for a soccer scholarship, it's currently paying off for me and the opportunities that come from playing over here are endless. The enjoyment you'll find from meeting new people and making new friends while playing the sports you love, will never get tiring. Plus, people will love your accent!

Wed like to thank Joshua for taking the time to speak with us and share his experiences so far, it's great to hear how a former client is doing. We'd like to wish Joshuathe best of luck for the remainder of his playing and studying out in the states.

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