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Were pleased to welcome Corey Molloy to our growing list of soccer players here at FirstPoint USA. Corey lives in Kenagh, County Longford; he is a previous pupil of Presentation School, Mullingar and St. Dominics National School, and is currently attending Mercy Convent Secondary School, Ballymahon. We recently caught up with the soccer playerto find out a bit more about him, and what he is looking forward to most about studying in the US.

Corey has had a successful athletic career to date, winning awards for multiple sports. For athletics, Corey has won an array of gold, silver and bronze at both the Longford Community Games and the Connaught Athletics Championships, from an U14 to U18 level. Additionally, at U14 level, Corey was in the final of the Ireland 80m Hurdles and was awarded 4th place in the country. With regard to soccer, Corey has won two shield trophies whilst playing with Kenagh United, and has played for Longford Town at U14, U15, and U17 level. Currently, Corey tells us he is playing Gaelic Football for his local team in Kenagh, winning a Division A shield as well as a Premier Division trophy. Corey is also playing Gaelic Football for his school, stating his team has won a West Leinster title, two North Leinster competitions, as well as progressing to Leinster semi-final in a current competition.

With a successful sporting background behind him, we asked Corey to tell us about his favourite sporting memory

My favourite sporting memory is the time I won my first shield with Kenagh United. I was always a stringy, awkward soccer player when I was younger, and this season really signalled a change of my footballing style. I had been playing CB all season, I was new to the position but my other CB teammate helped me to adjust, and it worked out that the two of us were rock solid all season. However, in the final, my manager played me in midfield, and again I had an unbelievable game. It was 0-0with less than 10 mins to go and my manager had a mad thought to play me up front so I did and I scored a 18 yard volley with less than 5 mins to go. The whistle blew and everyone lifted me up. I loved the feeling and I look for it every time I score. I went on to score a good number of goals for the next two/three years with Keenagh before joining Longford Town.

Corey tells us that he has always wanted sports to be a part of his life, specifically soccer, and he feels that studying in the states will provide a better opportunity for him to incorporate sports into his education. Furthermore, Corey wishes to become a professional player one day, and feels that studying in the states will stand him in good stead for this. Telling us he is looking forward to having a proper balance between his academics and sports, which will give him the opportunity to improve within both of these aspects.

With regards to his favourite sportspeople, Corey tells us the three he looks up to and admires most are Wayne Rooney because he is an amazing footballer, and has matured so much from the start of his career; Cristiano Ronaldo because of his ability to score goals; and Shane Long because hes a great player, and also Irish!

Finally, we asked Corey where he sees himself being in ten years time; he states he hopes to be playing soccer professionally, and loving every minute of it!

Wed like to wish Corey the best of luck and we will keep you updated on his progress throughout our various social media platforms.

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