Callum Flinn - Committed to Medaille College

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We recently caught up with FirstPoint USA client, Callum Flinn, who has committed to a soccer scholarship at Medaille College, New York. Callum hails from Bristol where he has attened the Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy. Here, Callum tells us a bit why he chose to pursue a scholarship to the states, how he found the process of obtaining a scholarship and his plans for the future.

Callum states that he made the decision to attend a university in the US as he feels it was the best option for his future, with regards to soccer and his academics. Furthermore, Callum tells us that at a young age he used to live in Indiana and it is here that his soccer career began. Therefore, Callum sees it to be very fitting to return to the states to further pursue and develop his soccer career.

The process of obtaining a scholarship can often be lengthy, Callum tells us

FirstPoint sole the whole programme to me and my family very well. Afterwards, the individual teams helping me through their respective areas (i.e. the promotions team when advertising my profile) was very beneficial. Callum goes on to say the best bit of help he received from FirstPoint USA was being invited to the showcase event in Burton. This gave him the opportunity to play in front of American coaches, and ultimately helped him to secure his scholarship offer from Medaille.

With regard to choosing which school to attend in the US, Callum tells us his decision to study at Medaille was a result of three main factors

The first factor being the offer we received (one that we couldnt turn down); the second factor was the continuing enthusiasm and support of the coach towards me; and the final factor being Medailles affiliation with the NCAA.

[caption id="attachment_11620" align="aligncenter" width="416"] Callum will soon be joining the Medaille Mavericks.[/caption]

Finally, we asked Callum where he sees himself being in 10 years time, he stated

I would like to think I will be playing professional soccer somewhere. Not necessarily in the US, not necessarily in the UK. Just somewhere I can make my dream become a reality.

Wed like to wish Callum the best of luck in both his playing and academics at Medaille. Well keep you updated on his progress through our various social media platforms.

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