Coralie Kouassi - Committed to USAO

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Congratulations to FirstPoint USA client, Coralie Kouassi, who has recently committed to a soccer scholarship at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. Coralie has previously played for AFC Wimbledon Ladies FC, and currently plays for Sutton United Ladies FC whilst also studying at Kingston University, London. Here, Coralie tells us about her decision to study in the US, how she found the process of obtaining a scholarship, and her plans for the future.

Coralie tells us that her decision to study at a university in the US was influenced by the level of academic excellence in universities across the country; providing outstanding programs in virtually all fields. Furthermore, Coralie adds that being a very sociable person, she has always wanted to travel and meet new people from different countries, so the studying in the states provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

With regards to the scholarship process, Coralie tells us she found it quite frustrating trying to whittle down the offers she received in order to choose the best one for herself. However, she states that John-Paul, our Operations Manager at FirstPoint USA, was an excellent help as he offered advice and support throughout the process to ensure that Coralie was able to choose the offer that was best suited for herself, which in the end was USAO.

Coralie tells us that one of the contributing reasons for her decision to study at USAO was the reviews she had read online from former and current students, expressing how much they have enjoyed studying there. Additionally, Coralie states that she was attracted to the location of USAO, as well as the campus and facilities the university offers.

Upon arriving in the US, Coralie states that she is looking forward to beginning her studies, meeting new people, and the opportunity to be immersed in the American culture. As well as this, she tells us that she is looking forward to meeting and getting to know her soccer teammates, as well as competing with different colleges across different states.

Finally, we asked Coralie where she sees herself being in 10 years time. She states that she hopes to be a well-rounded individual, having had many positive experiences throughout her time in America. Most importantly, Coralie tells us that she hopes to be a professional soccer player in the future, but if this doesnt happen she hopes to be in a job that will positively contribute to society.

Wed like to wish Coralie the best of luck in her studies and playing career at USAO and we will keep you up to date on her progress on our various social media platforms.

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