Jack Woods - Committed to NIACC

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Congratulations to FirstPoint USA client, Jack Woods, who has recently committed to a soccer scholarship at North Iowa Area Community College. We caught up with Jack to hear how he found the process of securing his scholarship, and what he is looking forward to most upon arriving in the states.

Jack tells us that studying and playing soccer in the US is something which he has always wanted to do; and a scholarship provided him with the perfect opportunity to do so. Jack also states that he sees the sporting facilities at universities in the US to be of a higher standard than that of the UK. Also noting the importance college sport holds in the American sporting culture; this was another factor which appealed to Jack.

Regarding the scholarship process, Jack tells us that he found it to be very simple stating that, FirstPoint USA are good at explaining the steps and what comes next. Jack tells us that the section of the process which he found to be most difficult was probably preparing for the SAT exam which he would recommend prospective student athletes taking twice.

[caption id="attachment_11684" align="aligncenter" width="615"] Jack will soon be joining the Trojans soccer roster[/caption]

Jack states that his decision to attend NIACC was mainly down to the impression the coach gave him. He initially organised a call with Jack to discuss the possibility of playing for his sports program; this is something which really appealed to Jack as he truly values the importance of communication between coaches and their players. Jack also tells us that throughout the process, the communications he received from the coach were very honest and straight-forward; ultimately showing Jack that he and his team we very driven to be successful in the upcoming season.

Upon arriving in the US, Jack tells us that he is most looking forward to the opportunity to playing the sport he loves every day. Stating, I cant wait for the season to start so I can work hard to improve myself and help the team do well.

Finally, we asked Jack where he sees himself being in 10 years time. He states he hopes to be working as a physiotherapist or a personal trainer at a soccer club in the UK.

We wish Jack the best of luck for his studies and playing career at North Iowa Area Community College and we will keep you updated on his progress through our various social media platforms.

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