Melissa Bannerman - Committed to Hendrix College

Congratulations to Melissa Bannerman who has recently committed to a field hockey scholarship at Hendrix College, Arkansas. The former Lomond School pupil recently caught up with us to explain why she chose to attend university in the US, how she found the process of obtaining her scholarship, and what she is looking forward to most upon studying and playing out in America.

Melissa tells us that she made the decision to attend university in the states as she has always wished to continue playing field hockey at a professional level, as well as obtain her degree, and this provided her with the perfect opportunity to do both. She stated, “I feel that being involved in the college sport culture, you have the opportunity to do this. I have always been keen on travelling abroad, and when I was informed of a sports scholarship to the United States, I felt this was the perfect option.”

With regards to obtaining her field hockey scholarship, Melissa tells us that she found the process went okay. “There were times in which it would be stressful, but this is when you would have FirstPoint guiding you in the right direction.” Melissa also adds, that you need to be prepared education-wise as an individual, and it is best to use your time to get organised; “but other than that, it is all worth it!”

Having recently committed to Hendrix College with a field hockey scholarship, we asked Melissa how she came to the decision that that was right school for her to attend. Melissa tells us that there were two main factors which influenced her decision, the hockey team and the education. Stating, “I wanted to make sure that I had the correct balance. I want to play the best field hockey possible, as well as securing a strong education – which I feel Hendrix provided the best for me.”

Melissa Bannerman - Field Hockey

Finally, we asked Melissa where she sees herself being in 10 years time. She tells us that she plans on having graduated from Hendrix College and to be in a job. Where in the world she is not quite sure, but she hopes to be living abroad.

We’d like to wish Melissa the best of luck for her time at Hendrix College. We will keep you updated on her progress through our various social media platforms.

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