Body Language Do’s and Don’ts When Meeting With a Coach

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There are many things to consider when there is the potential of meeting coaches at showcases or visits. While this is an exciting time, it can also be nerve-wracking when preparing for this important part of the scholarship process. How should you dress when youre meeting a college coach? What are the right questions to ask coaches? What should you bring with you? These are just a few of the thoughts that our clients will be mulling over in the wait before having contact with the coach.

Body language is one of the most important aspects of your presentation.

Something we dont always think about is our overall demeanour when talking with with a college coach. What kind of person are you presenting yourself as? Are you doing your best to make a good impression in front of the coach? One of the biggest factors in a coachs first impression of you is your body language. Body language that displays you are engaged, in control, open, and receptive of information could be what sets you apart from the other prospects.

When meeting a college coach, do:
  • Give a solid, firm handshake, while making eye contact.
  • Stay engaged in the conversation.
  • Smile, and thank the coach for their time.

When meeting a college coach, dont:

  • Look down at the ground, or at the clock.
  • Check your phone. Ever. Turn it off beforehand, if itll be tempting.
  • Fidget or play with your hair.

The problem with these examples of body language is that they give the appearance that youre bored or disinterested. Or in the case of fidgeting, that youre not confident enough in yourself and what you can provide for the coach if you fill their roster spot.

Remember all the hard working in training and all the lessons youve learned on your way to get to this point. You should be confident that you are ready for this stage and that you are even ready to progress further. Lastly, above being presentable and feeling your best going into a meeting with a college coach, dont leave out the most important factor: being yourself.

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