Why Division III Athletics Could Be Your Best Fit

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It can often be the case that student athletes tend to focus on Division I or II athletic programs when they start thinking about applying to college; even if Division I is not a reality for them.

Here, we take a look at Division III schools and why they shouldnt be overlooked.

Why Division III is a great fit for student athletes

Division III is the largest grouping within the NCAAs membership and aspires to be the purest form of intercollegiate athletic competition. As DIII offers no athletic scholarships, it means that all athletes competing within the division are doing so for the love of their sport.

Playing Division III athletics doesnt mean your financial aid will be hurt

It is often for student athletes, and parents alike, to highlight that, Division III athletic programs cant offer athletic scholarships. However, just because athletic scholarships are not offered by DIII schools, this does not mean that a student athletes financial obligations will increase. DIII student athletes are able to keep the cost of college down through academic, merit and need-based financial aid.

Division III athletic programs arent less serious than other programs

It can often be a common concern that is somehow less prestigious or less serious to play your sport at a DIII level. However, college athletes are just as serious and have the potential to let their athletics overcome their student life experience at any level.

Ultimately, when looking at college programs, students should be able to see beyond the initial name and value of a university, or where a parent may have attended, and think about whether the program is the right fit academically, athletically and socially.

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