Official USA University Scholarship Partner of Partick Thistle FC

At FirstPoint USA, we’re thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Partick Thistle FC, as their Official USA University Scholarship Partner.

This outstanding partnership sees FirstPoint USA provide free guidance to released Academy players under its ‘Academy Welfare Initiative’; securing their placement at American colleges and universities on soccer scholarships.

The creation of a pathway to the United States will provide another option for those players released from the club. Under the ‘Academy Welfare Initiative’, FirstPoint USA’s services are provided at no cost to the player, their family or the club and underlines the commitment Partick Thistle FC have made towards supporting the welfare of players released by the Academy.

At the point that those players are leaving Partick Thistle, we will meet and discuss the options with them about possibly moving to the US and playing their sport there, and we'll help them every step of the way in sourcing the best possible deal for them. We'll find them the right scholarship that takes them to America, keeps them in the game, keeps them playing, and gets them that all-important degree that will set them up for life.

With regards to our recent partnership, FirstPoint USA’s Head of Scouting, and former professional soccer player and coach, Kenny Brannigan, has stated, “We are thrilled with our new partnership with Partick Thistle FC and to be assisting their Academy by creating a new pathway for released players to the United States. Partick Thistle has a great reputation for developing young players and we look forward to working together in the months and years ahead."

For more information regarding our partnerships, please contact us at:

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Emma Mayberry
Emma Mayberry
Talent Management Consultant

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