Dundee FC - Official USA University Partner

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We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dundee FC, as their Official USA University Scholarship Partner.

This exciting partnership will see FirstPoint USA provide free guidance to Dundee FC’s released Academy players under it’s ‘Academy Welfare Initiative’; securing their place at American colleges and universities on soccer scholarships.

The creation of a pathway to the United States will provide an alternative route for those players released from the club. Under the ‘Academy Welfare Initiative’, FirstPoint USA’s services will be provided at no cost to the athlete, their family or the club, and emphasises the dedication Dundee FC have towards supporting the welfare of players released by the Academy.

At the point that those players are leaving Dundee FC, we will meet and discuss the options with them about possibly making the move to the US and playing their sport there. We’ll help them every step of the way, in sourcing them the best possible deal. We’ll find the scholarship that’s the ‘right fit’ for them; that will take them to America, keep them in the game, keep them playing, and will get them that all-important university degree that will set them up for life.

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