Louis Zola Scott | Preparing For Life In The States

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We recently caught up with FirstPoint USA client Louis Zola Scott, one of our soccer athletes currently working his way through the scholarship process and preparing for life in the US.

Having always dreamed of attending an American college on a soccer scholarship, Louis tells us his dreams haven’t altered, and he’s looking to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Scheduled to take his SAT exam on December 1st, Louis states he is currently focusing all of his energy into studying, to ensure he achieves a strong score.

To date, Louis has had a very successful sporting career. Throughout his time with Celtic FC Academy, Louis and his teammates won the League Championship two years in a row; whilst on loan from Blackburn Rovers at Cadley FC, Louis’ was named Player of the Season and his team reached the FA Youth Cup quarter-final, narrowly losing on penalties to Everton. As well as this, Louis was invited to train and stay with top flight Portuguese club, SL Benfica’s Youth Academy throughout April of this year.

Having already lived away from his family for the past three and a half years, Louis is prepared for the challenges that come with life in the US. His father, a former professional player, has always said it was necessary to leave Scotland to gain the best coaching possible. Upon following his advice, Louis has matured substantially, both as an athlete and as a person. His first two years away from home were spent at Blackburn Rovers FC Youth Academy, and the past 18 months have been spent in Portugal. Whilst there, Louis has achieved his academic goals and has become fluent in Portuguese!

This season began with Louis playing for SU Sintrense U19’s and, after only a few games, he was moved up to the U23 squad. This was a huge confidence boost for Louis however, he fully expected to be a bit-part player on the team. Nevertheless, he needn’t have worried as he managed to secure a regular spot on the squad.

Once he has taken his SAT exam, Louis plans to return to Scotland to spend some time with family and friends prior to beginning his life as an American student-athlete. Upon making the move across the pond, Louis tells us he is most looking forward to, “being a team player, making a contribution to something worthwhile, and making [his] university proud of [his] sporting and academic achievements.”

We'd like to thank Louis for catching up with us and wish him the best of luck for his SAT exam. We'll keep you updated on Louis' progress throughout the scholarship process across our various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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