How Does Coronavirus impact my Recruiting?

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As the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to rapidly evolve, we are focussed on the health and safety of you and your family. As the situation continues to unfold, we are already seeing how this is going to impact recruiting for the next several months however, rest assured FirstPoint USA is still operating business as usual.


The NCAA have recently made numerous announcements that impact the current college athletes and recruits and therefore naturally have left us questioning how else the recruiting process will be affected. Fortunately, the majority of the process already takes place online. Across all grad years and sports, it’s more important than ever for student-athletes to maximise their online presence.


We are here to help, so to make things easier we have explained below how your recruiting journey may change based on recent NCAA requirements.


Please note, this area is extremely fluid and will continue to be as committees are met on a regular basis to determine the effects of what has happened, possible waivers and any detail pertaining to the situation. However, as of yet, the following information has been issued by the NCAA.


The NCAA has banned in-person recruiting until April 15th.

 The NCAA has instituted new recruiting rules similar to a “dead period” for all DI and DII sports through April 15th, Coaches are not allowed to meet face-to-face with a recruit off-campus or do any in-person scouting. HOWEVER, please note that recruiting will not stop completely; coaches and recruits can still communicate over email, phone, text and social media.


The NCAA grants an extra year of eligibility to seniors in spring sports.

 In statements released by the NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III Committees on March 13th, eligibility relief will be granted to student-athletes who compete in spring sports. As these committees work to finalise the details of eligibility relief, they are also committed to addressing issues with the NCAA recruiting rules and calendar in the coming weeks.


How will this change college coaches’ recruiting needs?

Each of the sports seasons presents their own unique challenges:



Because the fall season was not impacted by the coronavirus, the only change to recruiting will be the shift to no in-person recruiting through April 15th as previously mentioned.



At this time, it is unclear if the NCAA is going to count this season for winter sports or offer eligibility relief. If the season counts, expect recruiting to continue as expected just without face to face contact.



With the NCAA promising eligibility relief, it is safe to assume that coaches recruiting needs for the 2021 class will be changing, as there is now an opportunity for senior athletes to get an additional year of eligibility. How that eligibility is applied, how many athletes use it remains to be seen. Rest assured, the FirstPoint team will be keeping you updated.

As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with your talent management consultant or any of the team here at FirstPoint USA. 

Stay Safe.

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