Coping while on lockdown: a guide for future/current student-athletes

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It is unprecedented times we live in at the moment with the current pandemic. Seasons are being cancelled and students are stuck at home or in lockdown. Now more than ever mental health is extremely important to future and current student-athletes. 

Here are some ways to keep motivated and focused during this time. 


It is important to plan your days and weeks so that you stick to some sort of routine. When you are in college time management will be a key skill so setting a clear routine is a great way for you to prepare for this. Focus on what you enjoy doing, plan in fun activities, along with goals you want to achieve. 

Social Media

Social media is a huge part of our lives now but it is very easy to sit and endlessly scroll. Make sure to set limits on your social media time by editing settings on your phone and or using apps that limit access once you are over your set daily limit. Also, make sure to only follow positive and inspiring content and unfollow content that makes you feel unhappy.


Communication is more important, now than it ever was. Try to make time to regularly connect with friends, family, team-mates or your coach. You can video call, phone or text whatever works for the relationship you have with that individual. Be creative with quizzes or games and multiple people video calling at once.


It is recommended that you should work out for at least 30 minutes moderate exercise or 15minutes intense exercise a day. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive effect on your mental health as it relieves stress, improves sleep and boosts your overall mood. Why not go for a walk or try an online fitness class!


Lockdown is a great opportunity to learn a new skill or hit the books. With endless online resources and websites that offer free programs is a great way to prepare for your future studies. Contact your coach to see if there are any specific resources you should be using to get ahead of the game. 

Several resources like The Skills Toolkit and Future Learn offer free online courses in a wide range of subjects if you fancy learning something new, these might be a helpful way to stay motivated in this period of uncertainty. 


There is a lot that feels uncertain right now, like exam marks, university, offers and what could happen in a few weeks or months. It can feel a bit overwhelming but the majority of what is going on is completely out of our control. Identifying things that we have control over and those that we don’t can help make it feel more manageable. 


If you are meant to be going to college and that is up in the air, put it aside and look at what else you could be doing for the interim before carrying on that path again.

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