NCAA D1 Dead Period Extended

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Effective September 16th, the NCAA suspension of all in-person recruiting for D1 sports is extended through January 1st. Coaches are not allowed to meet face-to-face with a recruit off-campus or do any in-person scouting. However, since June 1st, strength and conditioning coaches have been allowed to virtually observe workouts if specifically requested by the student-athlete.

The NCAA has also encouraged all colleges to stop all official and unofficial visits. Recruiting will not stop completely; coaches and recruits can still communicate over email, phone, text and social media.

Latest NCAA recruiting updates across all Division Levels

  • All D1 in-person recruiting is suspended through January 1st.
  • Beginning June 1st, D1 coaches were allowed to virtually observe voluntary workouts if requested by the recruit.
  • As of September 1st, D2's quiet period ended, and D2 coaches may resume their normal recruiting calendars and activity.
  • Colleges are advised to suspend all official visits and unofficial visits to campus.
  • All recruits should check with any coaches they have scheduled visits with.
  • Coaches and recruits can still communicate via phone and written correspondence (email, text and social media DMs).
  • The NCAA will continue to consult experts to determine whether the date needs to be extended. 

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