Top 5 Field Hockey Schools | Over all Divisions

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Choosing the right college is a big decision for any high school field hockey player. Where do you want to spend the next 4 years of your life? What do you want to study? Should you play NCAA D1 or D2?


There are over 260 4-year colleges that offer opportunities to play college field hockey. Below are the ranked top 5 field hockey schools over all three divisions in 2019.

Division I 

There are over 70 NCAA DI field hockey colleges, large and small, in all corners of the US. Fully funded DI programs can offer up to 12 scholarships per team.

5. Columbia University

4. Duke University 

3. Yale University

2. Harvard University

1. Princeton University 

Division II

The NCAA DII level has 30+ colleges with field hockey teams. Fully funded DII programs can offer up to 6.3 scholarships per team. While most student-athletes think of DI schools when considering college, they are often surprised to find that athletes at DII level often have the talent to be DI but chose DII for a better fit. 

5. Bellarmine University

4. Stonehill University 

3. Assumption College 

2. West Chester University of Pennsylvania 

1. Bentley University

Division III

There are over 150 field hockey programs competing at NCAA DIII level. While you may know DIII schools don't offer athletic scholarships, most families don't realise DIII athletes can get other forms of financial aid (academic scholarships, grants and aid) that can make these schools competitive with any other division level scholarship offers.

5. Williams College

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. Tufts University

2. Amherst University 

1. John Hopkins University

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