Am I Good Enough for a College Scholarship?

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Am I Good Enough for a Scholarship?

Pursuing a sought-after scholarship in America is a highly competitive process. Not only are you competing against people from your own country but also within your chosen sport across the world. So what makes you stand out? What makes you good enough for a scholarship?
There are various factors that coaches consider when offering a scholarship and every athlete is different in what they have to offer. Coaches will look at not only your athletic ability but also your academic results, your work ethic, your character and what you will bring to their current team. This means athletically you might be one of the best at what you do but unless you have something to offer across the other characteristics that coaches are looking for, then you could be overlooked.
The best way to see if you are good enough athletically is to observe the current athletes that play at the level you want to play. Do your skills, technique and scores measure up? If the answer is yes then you are off to a great start.
You might be good at your sport right now, but everyone at college on a sports scholarship is athletically gifted, so you need to be able to keep up. Student-athletes need to be mentally tough and have good time management to balance the demands of schoolwork and sport. Coaches want to know how a prospective scholar-athlete would cope under the pressure of playing at the collegiate level.
Tailor your application to not just show your current statistics, but think about the future too. Think about what you could offer a college team in 1-2 years’ time as well as now. An athlete who is focused on their future progression and development, rather than where they are in the present, is a huge asset to any coach.
Remember when you are applying that there are various levels of Universities and Colleges to consider. You might want to play Division 1 but your academics and skill level might be more suited to Junior College – and that is not a bad thing. All levels – NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA – are highly competitive and each has their benefits. Always do what is right for you as an athlete.
If you are dedicated to growing as an athlete, a student and have the mental toughness to overcome any adversity, then will you stand out against your peers.
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