How to make a soccer skills video during COVID-19

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Being evaluated by college coaches is essential to the soccer recruiting process. With some seasons being postponed or cancelled, it can be more challenging for players and goalkeepers to stand out without game footage!


FirstPoint USA Talent Management Consultant, Gary Mcdonald, has given his seven top tips to how you can capture the footage that coaches want to see during Covid-19:


Training film can go a long way to helping overcome the challenge of trying to generate game footage, always be the preference of coaches, while so much football is cancelled – which I know is the case for lots of people at the moment. Well shot training footage has proven really helpful, in our experience, for outfield players and especially for goalkeepers.


  1. Strikers: For footage of specific drills, it will always come down to what positions players are playing in. For example, if you are a striker, it would be good to have some finishing in there so that coaches can see you have an eye for the goal. Perhaps a team-mate, friend or member of your family can play in goals and make it more game-like.


  1. Wingers: For attacking wide players, coaches will want to see players being direct and running and beating people 1v1. Again, perhaps a team-mate, friend or family member can assist.


  1. Midfielders: For midfield players, it is important to show your passing ability so perhaps some clips of you distributing the ball around the field. Even if it is just looking to hit an area – this could be marked out with some cones scattered at specific points around the field.


  1. Defenders: For defenders, it is crucial for coaches to see how you are in the air, so include some headed clearances. Perhaps a team-mate, friend or family member can ping a high ball to you and as a defender you can head it out. Further, it would also be good to see your ability defending 1v1, including seeing how you tackle so perhaps a team-mate, friend or family member can help with this also.


  1. Goalkeepers: For keepers, again it would be good to call on someone who can help with this. Perhaps they can hit shots into you, they can play high balls and crosses to show how commanding you are as a GK, these are all things GK coaches want to see. It’s also good for GKs to show they are comfortable with the ball at their feet so include footage of your distribution as well.


  1. Technical ability: Coaches want to see how all players are technically, are you comfortable on the ball, can you play passes and control the ball with both feet? You can set up small technical drills in order to show this while using some cones or markers.


  1. Athleticism: For athleticism, footage which shows how quick you are and how you move is valuable including you running with the ball at your feet so it is more game-like.


The main thing to take from this is that college coaches simply want to see a range of footage covering your positional skills, athleticism and technical ability, and they are not looking for picture-perfect videos with editing. If you have any questions about specific footage, or you are still unsure of how to capture any of the above, get in touch by sending an email over to 

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