Olé Football Academy Announces Partnership with FirstPoint USA

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Olé Football Academy is extremely proud to announce a ground-breaking partnership with FirstPoint USA, the world's leading sports scholarship agency. This collaboration aims to provide opportunities for young Olé Football Academy athletes to pursue academic and athletic excellence in the United States.

Since 1997, Olé Football Academy has been at the forefront of nurturing football talent in New Zealand, with a track record of producing players who have represented the country at international levels and gained scholarships to prestigious U.S. universities. This new partnership with FirstPoint USA extends Olé Football Academy’s commitment to fostering the next generation of football stars, offering them access to FirstPoint USA's vast network of US coaches and their bespoke digital scholarship platform.

The partnership will kick off with an exclusive webinar hosted by FirstPoint USA, tailored for the families of Olé Football Academy players. This webinar will provide insights into the opportunities available in the U.S. and the process of securing sports scholarships. It will be a unique chance for athletes and their families to understand the avenues for combining sports with higher education in the USA.

“We are incredibly excited about our partnership with First Point. Their professionalism, network and knowledge of the US university scholarship pathway is exemplary," Alan Koch said. "We are privileged to connect our players and their families with an organisation that can help source life-altering opportunities. We look forward to working together to produce elite level student-level experiences for our players that desire this pathway."

This partnership is not just about football; it's about preparing student-athletes for life beyond the field. With FirstPoint USA's proven expertise in securing over $300 million in scholarship awards and Olé Football Academy’s excellence in football development, this partnership heralds a new era of opportunities and development pathways for aspiring Kiwi footballers.

To find out more visit: https://olefootballacademy.co.nz/

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