Unlike the UK, there is no government set fee for higher education in the USA. Fees can vary significantly from university to university. Some universities charge less than $10k a year, while some charge over $50k.

Even if a university seems very expensive, there might be very generous funding opportunities available, so the net cost of attendance becomes much lower than the ‘sticker price’.

There are also lots of merit-based scholarship opportunities, details of which can be found in the Funding section.

Even without funding, sometimes the cost of a US education can be as affordable as a UK one. If affordability is a key consideration for you, think about the following options:

  • Public universities with lower fees
  • Locations with a lower cost of living (rural, suburban, the South and Midwest)
  • Two years at a community college followed by two years at a university

If funding is an issue for you, base your university search on funding opportunities.