Gymnastics Scholarships in America

A Gymnastics scholarship to the USA is a unique opportunity to pursue an academic and playing career within some of the best academic and sporting environments in the World. Gymnastics is a highly competitive sport for obtaining a scholarship, with coaches looking for years in advance for internationally experienced gymnasts.

Of the three leading collegiate athletic associations, only the NCAA sponsors gymnastics. There are 16 Division I programs in gymnastics on offer, but none in Division II. For women, there are 64 Division I and 5 Division II.

To be considered for a FirstPoint USA Gymnastics Scholarship, you should be physically fit, have a high level of skill in Gymnastics; you should possess a real drive and ambition to succeed. Academically, you must have completed high school and have grades to meet the initial-eligibility requirements for the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA. Good academic standing is an essential aspect of life as a student-athlete and this must be maintained throughout your collegiate sports career. Failure to do so could see you prohibited from training and participating, and potentially lead to your scholarship being withdrawn completely. The NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA each have strict rules regarding the good academic standing of all competing athletes.

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