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A men’s gymnastics scholarship in the USA is a unique opportunity to pursue an academic and playing career within some of the best academic and sporting environments in the World. Gymnastics is a highly competitive sport for obtaining a scholarship in, with coaches looking for years in advance for internationally experienced gymnasts. This means that the individual is more apt for the transition into collegiate, intercollegiate matches and then national competitions, if their gymnastic scholarship application is deemed successful. It’s important to note that both males and females are eligible to receive a gymnastic scholarship.

Of the three leading collegiate athletic associations, only the NCAA sponsors gymnastics. There are 16 Division I programs with gymnastics on offer, but none in Division II. For women, there are 64 Division I and 5 Division II.

Gymnastics is a sport where your skill level definitely matters. Of the formal athletic organizations out there, only the NCAA awards gymnastics scholarships to male and female athletes, making the funding pool even more competitive. Gymnasts are then competing for not only a limited number of spots on the team but a limited number of scholarships, as the NCAA only allows a certain number of awards per school, per team, and per gender.


About $1 billion in full and partial athletic scholarships are awarded each year by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to more than 126,000 undergraduate student-athletes at Division I and Division II schools. Although these scholarships are awarded and administered directly by each academic institution, not the NCAA, you’ll be required to meet the requirements of the NCAA to receive any funding. Those requirements include a minimum GPA for both the college-bound and those already on campuses and qualifying standardized test scores. Contact your intended school’s athletic department for more information if you have the academics and the skill to play on a college team.

Which US universities offer Gymnastics Scholarships?

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