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Men's Rowing Scholarships

Men’s US college rowing scholarships aren’t as widely available as women’s college rowing scholarships. A small number of American colleges and universities do offer men’s rowing scholarships. The actual total of men’s rowing scholarships nationwide would not match the total number of women’s rowing scholarships within some major college conferences. Stanford University, Boston University, Northeastern University and the University of California are some of the major DI universities which offer men’s rowing scholarships. Ivy League schools such as Princeton and Harvard do not offer men’s rowing scholarships, but there are financial assistance grants available if you qualify for these.

Can You Get A Scholarship for Rowing? How Good Do You Have to Be?

While the erg is not the only measure of a rower, it is used by many coaches to get an idea of an athlete’s capabilities. Many coaches recruit based on academic history combined with the athletic potential of the applicant. Rowers need to have stamina, good balance and timing, and lots of strength. Unlike other college sports, you don’t need any experience to join a rowing team in college. As long as you are willing to put in the hard work and the time, you can be part of a team as a novice.

Is Men’s Rowing an NCAA Sport?

Men’s rowing isn’t a sanctioned sport by the NCAA. Instead, collegiate men’s rowing competitions are governed by the Intercollegiate Rowing Association. If the college men’s rowing program is a club sport, it is governed by the American Collegiate Rowing Association. The ACRA was formed after the IRA eliminated club rowing teams from competing for the IRA Championship.

Colleges That Offer Rowing Scholarships

Opportunities to earn college rowing scholarships are available for you.  If you’re looking at a men’s college rowing scholarship, there are less opportunities than those for women, but include west coast schools such as the University of Washington, Stanford University and the University of California. Boston University and Northeastern University lead the east coast educational institutions offering men’s college rowing scholarships. As a male rower, you must also recognize many collegiate rowing programs will assist you in gaining admissions into the school itself. This can lead to being eligible for academic-related financial opportunities.

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College Rowing Teams – Which US Colleges Have a Rowing Team?

Women's Teams
Men's Teams
NCAA Division I
NCAA Division II
NCAA Division III


The bulk of the universities and colleges which fund rowing programs are NCAA D1 institutions, with D3 schools more than doubling D2 rowing programs. Of the 88 D1 colleges, only 35 of them support a men’s rowing team. All 88 schools have women’s rowing programs. Similarly, only six of the D2 and 27 of the D3 colleges have men’s rowing programs.

Did you know 85 percent of collegiate rowers were members of either a high school or club rowing team? The remaining participants come from varied high school athletic backgrounds. It’s also important to realize the time commitment necessary to participate as a collegiate rower. It’s almost like a full-time job while attending college. Rowers can look to spend 28 hours per week in training and team-related activities in addition to an average 46 hours per week earmarked for academics.

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