Volleyball Scholarships in America

Volleyball Scholarships: An introduction into the sports scholarship

Volleyball is a very popular sport in the US, being played by about 46 million Americans. It is considered to be the most popular sport in the world after soccer, played by about 800 million people worldwide! The best young athletes from around the world enrol in U.S colleges and universities to compete. There is a great demand for talented international players, with squads of 10 + Volleyball players at each school. There are over 1,670 women's volleyball scholarship programs in the U.S and about 113 men's volleyball programs. Men's Volleyball is an equivalency sport, meaning that coaches can divide the 4.5 scholarships available between as many players as they want. In women's volleyball for NCAA Division I, this is a head count sport, so only full scholarships are available; only the very best volleyball players can earn those scholarships. In all other divisions, women's volleyball is an equivalency sport.

As well as displaying strength and skill in passing, serving and blocking -the most common questions that coaches will ask are :

• How high can you jump?

• How hard can you hit?

Volleyball is a highly competitive sport for obtaining a scholarship, with coaches looking for internationally experienced players. This means that the individual is more apt for the transition into collegiate, intercollegiate matches and then national competitions, if their gymnastic scholarship application is deemed successful.

Volleyball Scholarships: When should I apply?

Prime time to apply for a sports scholarship in the US would be following graduation from high school or just a couple of years after. There have also been cases of applicants dropping out of UK higher education to pursue their dream of undertaking a sports scholarship in America. Athletes may only compete in college leagues if they are between the ages of 18-24, but if you are older, then the NAIA is where you will be assigned. When saying this, coaches are often more inclined to spur interest in younger prospects as it gives them more time to work with the athletes for a longer set period. Thus, it is advised to apply for a scholarship as early as possible, giving the individual an optimum chance at maintaining the strongest performance, athletically and academically, to achieve a highly regarded degree to then move onto the opportunity of turning professional.

Volleyball scholarships: How good do I have to be?

To be given the best chance of success in being offered a Scholarship, the candidate must try to compete at the best level in their current area, pushing on from local club tournaments to national championships. This shows coaches that you have experience and the skill set to compete for their school. Competing nationally certainly assists you when going for a 100% sports scholarship. College recruitment coaches will look at CVs, footage and will listen to FirstPoint Staff regarding athlete ability. A volleyball scholarship can cover many, sometimes all, of the costs associated with earning a university degree.  In return, the student-athlete will represent the university in their respective sport and maintain a good level of academic performance.

Volleyball Scholarships: Training Schedule

If you are successful in receiving your volleyball scholarship, then you will be expected to practice with the team for up to 4 hours daily, five days a week. This will consist of volleyball drills and practice, as well as, strength and conditioning training. For an international scholarship holder, training has said to be tough at times because of the intensity of the training and conditioning, but don’t fear, we are sure you will acclimatise with no problems. It is an interesting fact that many US collegiate volleyball players actually go on to professional, followed by competing in the Olympic games!

Apply now for your chance to be offered an volleyball scholarship in the USA!

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College Volleyball coaches will be on the look out for :

Outside Hitters/Middle Blockers :

Middle blockers need to be able to display strong skills in jumping, blocking and attacking. Coaches are looking for potential front row players who can start contributing to the team immediately, and who can develop their ability to college level quickly.

Defensive Specialist/Libero :

Having the ability to deliver controlled passes and digs is crucial to your development as a college volleyball player. Coaches are looking for players who are quick, with good body control and balance.

Setter :

Coaches will be on the look out for Setters who can demonstrate a higher level of competitiveness as they will have to work hard to adapt to the different strategies and plays. Coaches will recruit setters who fit their style of play (the 5-1 or 6-2 system). The Setters need to be natural team leaders and strong all round players.

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