Golf Scholarships

College golf truly is the gateway to the top tiers of the professional game. Jack Nicklaus (Ohio State), Tiger Woods (Stanford) and Jordan Speith (Texas) all cut their teeth on the collegiate circuit, while two of Europe’s leading lights - Jon Rahm (Arizona State) and Viktor Hovland (Oklahoma State) – are recent graduates, both of whom reached number one in the world amateur rankings during their university careers. Indeed, around 65% of professionals currently playing the PGA Tour used to play collegiate golf in the States.

The standard of competition is fierce at the top levels of NCAA men’s golf, with players enjoying the opportunity to compete against the best in the world, on world-class courses such as TPC Sawgrass, Pebbles Beach and Augusta National, to name but a few.

The average roster size of a golf team is 10, with the number of scholarships available per team ranging from 4.5 in DI to 8 in NJCAA, while there are more than 1300 institutions across the US who feature golf within their athletic programs. FirstPoint USA is proud to have former Masters champion Danny Willet and 2-time PGA Tour winner Russell Knox as our alum, while World Amateur Team Championship winner Callum Macaulay is a former client and now our specialist golf consultant.

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To date, we've sent over 35,000 young men and women to the US. Securing over £300 million in scholarship awards and finding a place for every single qualifying applicant.

Every year, thousands of student-athletes and their families come face-to-face with the difficult challenge of securing a scholarship to an American university. What they often discover is that navigating university options is stressful enough, and adding sports into the mix brings it to a whole new level.

Even for those who do a little recruiting homework, they are often left with more questions, very few simple answers and an uneasy feeling they are somehow falling behind.

At FirstPoint, we understand what you’re going through. Many of us have experienced first-hand what the scholarship recruiting experience is like—as players and as coaches. And that experience, combined with our advanced online technology, expansive college coach network and proven recruiting methods, helps thousands of student-athletes and their families take control of their recruiting experience.

Whether you are a first-year high school student or a national ranked athlete, FirstPoint helps take the stress of uncertainty out of your scholarship journey by putting a plan in place to help you find your best university options in the USA.


What our Student-Athletes say about us

Josh Mulhenny
"They've gone above and beyond "

Can't thank the guys at FirstPoint USA enough for helping my son get out to the US on a soccer scholarship. He's now in his second year in America and is loving it despite being homesick for the first few weeks! We spoke with multiple different companies before deciding which company to choose and although they weren't the cheapest, they've been with us every step of the way and only been a phone call or text message away if we had any issues. They never made any false promises or unrealistic expectations and delivered the service exactly as described. They've gone above and beyond to make sure we were well looked after every step of the way.

Sandra Mulhenny

Josh Hendry
"I couldn't be happier"

I couldn't be happier with my experience working with Firstpoint USA. Having just graduated from university in South Carolina, I am so grateful for the life changing experience and opportunities that have been available to me as an NCAA DI student athlete. None of which would have been possible without the expertise and knowledge of the staff at Firstpoint USA. Would highly recommend FPUSA to anyone thinking about going to university in the USA

Josh Hendry

Josh Mulhenny
"process has been made simple"

The FirstPointUSA team as a whole are excellent. The whole process has been made simple by their clear communication, especially Gemma Thomson who I worked with. The organisation in every aspect of their work is very good, and I would definitely recommend FirstPointUSA to anybody thinking about attaining a scholarship in the US..

Isaac Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all colleges that are eligible to offer scholarships will choose to do so. For example, Ivy League universities do not to offer athletic scholarships.  Golf is an equivalency sport which means all scholarships are not full scholarships. For example, in NCAA D1, men’s golf coaches can divide the value of the 4.5 scholarships available to them between as many players as they see fit.

  • NCAA Division I has 294 colleges offering 4.5 Scholarships per team
  • NCAA Division II has 200 colleges offering 3.6 Scholarships per team
  • NCAA Division III has 277 colleges with athletic scholarships unavailable
  • NAIA has 275 colleges offering 5 Scholarships per team
  • NJCAA (Junior College) has 241 colleges offering 8 Scholarships per team

Earning a golf scholarship is more than just about shooting low scores; it’s about shooting the scores in the right tournaments. Don’t expect to be found just because you are playing in tournaments. Our Talent Management Team make the effort to get in contact with college golf coaches and continually update them when you have significant tournament results to report. 

Coaches will only come to your tournaments once we have established contact and proven you are an active recruit. Often, coaches are very particular about the tournaments they visit, so be prepared to go to those tournaments first. 

With golf being a non-revenue sport, having good academics will help open-up more opportunities. The more universities you can qualify for academically, the higher your chance will be of earning a scholarship. 

College golf coaches want to recruit athletes who have great potential and strong fundamentals. Showing your potential goes beyond just playing golf. 

The academic requirements for what a college golf coach is looking for varies based on university and division level. 

These are the general guidelines for what coaches look for in a golfer. If you fall outside of these general requirements it is still possible to play at that level, but there will be fewer opportunities.

  • Driving Distance
    • 270+ Yards in NCAA DI
    • 260+ Yardsin NCAA DII
    • 260+ Yards in NCAA DIII / NAIA
    • 250+ Yards in NJCAA (Junior College)
  • Putts Per Round
    • Under 30 in NCAA DI
    • Under 32 in NCAA DII
    • Under 34 in NCAA DIII / NAIA
    • Under 34 in NJCAA (Junior College)
  • Scrambling
    • 50% in NCAA DI
    • 45% in NCAA DII
    • 40% in NCAA DIII / NAIA
    • 35% in NJCAA (Junior College)
  • Top finishes at national, regional and county levels
  • Summer golf schedule consists of national, regional, county, and multiple local tournament wins
  • Average scores from courses over 6,800 yards
    • Low End: 65
    • High End: 75
  • Competes at national, regional, and county levels
  • Summer golf schedule consists of national, regional, county, and multiple local tournament wins
  • Average scores from courses over 6,800 yards
    • Low End: 67
    • High End: 77
  • Competes in regional, county, and local tournaments
  • Summer golf schedule consists of regional and golf tournament participation and high finishes in local tournaments
  • Average scores from courses over 6,700 yards
    • Low End: 68
    • High End: 79
  • Competes in local tournaments
  • Summer golf schedule consist of high finishes in local level tournaments
  • Average Scores from courses over 6,600 yards
    • Low End – 70
    • High End – 83
  • Competes in local tournaments
  • Average Scores from courses over 6,600 yards
    • Low End – 68
    • High End – 85

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