John Crawley

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One of our sports consultants, John Crawley signed for Stirling Albion this summer, after standing out at the 'So You Think You're Good Enough?' x-factor style trials. We spoke to John for an update on how he finding his time at Stirling Albion: "My time so far at Stirling Albion has been really enjoyable. Firstly, its been great to get back involved in a professional environment, last season I was playing at a junior level and the difference is dramatic when stepping up to the SFL. I have started every game bar one, which was the first game of the season, but managed to come off the bench for that game. We train twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday nights, with the game on the Saturday, and so far its been difficult for me to make both sessions every week due to work commitments with FirstPointUSA. Thankfully the gaffer, Jocky Scott has been good with me, so far. I just need to make sure I continue to work hard in training when I can make it and do whats asked of me on the Saturday. It has been difficult balancing work, football and personal life but somehow Ive been managing to get through it, because Im so busy with work and football, before you know it its Friday and your getting prepared for the game on the Saturday, or trying to. My highlights so far have to be the fact Ive started in the majority of my games and even managed to get a goal in one of them, a 5-1 away to Dumbarton. Another highlight would definitely be working under Jocky Scott and John Blackley, 2 very experienced coaches keeping myself and the rest of the team on the right path, or giving us a boot up the backside to make sure we stay on the right path. We had a very good start to the season, but or form started to dip a little, hopefully, we can start a fresh this weekend with a victory away to Cowdenbeath."

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