Brendan visits the Republic of Ireland

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Brendan takes some time to reflect upon his travels to the Republic of Ireland: "Another busy week at FirstPointUSA I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the Republic of Ireland, where I was meeting with some of our recent applicants and their parents.
On my previous visit to Ireland I was fortunate to meet with Will Clarke, the Director of Operations at St Josephs Boys Club, and he invited me to the club to speak to some of their players about scholarship opportunities in the USA and on Tuesday after a day of meetings in Malahide, I travelled across to Dun Laoghaire to the clubhouse of St Josephs.
The facility at Joeys, as they are affectionately known, is absolutely sensational and I was greeted by a crowd of around 250, made up of players and their parents. The presentation went well and lots of those in attendance had prepared some great questions. I certainly look forward to working closely with St Josephs and some of their up and coming players!"
Facts about St Josephs BC Established in 1953 Partnered with Liverpool FC, Newcastle United FC and Athletico Madrid FC
Have won every recognised competition in Ireland
Current Ireland internationals Paul McShane and Andy Keogh came from St Josephs Girls team founded in 2005
New clubhouse built in 2003

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