FirstPoint USA Weekly Scholarship Update

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Weekly Scholarship Update: FirstPoint's Clearing Department are pleased to release the first weekly update of Scholarship Data secured by the company over this 2012 recruitment term. Scholarship Data: as of Friday 11th November 2012
  • Total Value of Scholarships Secured: $1,464,000
  • Average scholarship secured, per client: $77,052
  • Average Client Contribution: $5052.63 (3144.04)
  • Full Scholarships ($0 contribution): 37%
  • % of clients with contribution of $1k - $5k: 21%
  • % of clients with contribution of $6k - $10k: 26%
  • % of clients with contribution of $11k - $15k: 10%
  • % of clients with contribution of $16k - $20k: 6%
Please Note: Tuition, room & board, fees, books and misc expenses as reported by the college for the 2010-11 school year as illustrated by the Petersons Guide. 4-year costs are projections based on current budget and do not include future tuition increases due to inflation. Scholarship figures as based on first-year awards and assume that the athlete will be awarded at least the same amount each year for 4 years. Scholarships in most cases are 1-year renewable and guaranteed for 1 year only.  

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