Women's Soccer Showcase

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Please be aware that the registration for out Women's Soccer Showcase has been changed from 10.15am to 11am, Friday 16th December at the London Soccerdome. Please make sure you are on time for registration as we cannot guarantee your place otherwise.... Games are 90 minutes long and strips will be provided. Please bring: soccer boots suitable for 3G astro grass (no metal studs), any personal medication you may require, shinguards, sock-tape if required, and clothing suitable for cold weather. Please leave all valuables either at home or with a parent, do not take onto the the pitch or into the changing rooms! FirstPoint USA and the London Soccerdome will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings! Please see below for updated teamsheets:


UCLA (Blue)

1. Emily Wragg

2. Jasmine Hearnshaw

3. Hailey Robinson

4. Sharna Giordani

5. Gemma McElhinney

7. Laura Stone

8. Amber Pullen

9. Charlotte Barnes

10. Samaira Khan

11. Jemma White

12. Isabel Kulinski

14. Ani Radountcheva

Stanford (Red)

1. Leoni Devoy

2. Lucy Cunningham

3. Danielle Page

4. Keisha Graham-Benjamin

5. Sofia Aragosa

6. Lavinia Nkomo

7. Brooklyn Kerlin

8. Georgia Walters

9. Jane Haddow

10. Priya Bhatti

11. Rianon Patterson

14. Jade Sailsman

15. Hollie Diedonne

USC (White)

2. Chanelle O'Dwyer

3. Grace Henry

4. Chelsea Bishop

5. Holly Jacob

6. Grete Wilson

7. Natalie Aird

8. Ayat El-Zein

9. Andrew Farber

10. Emily Hannaford

11. Rebecca Harper

12. Eustacia Gaston-Monerville


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