Heather Howie

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Former FirstPoint USA Field Hockey client, Heather Howie has been in touch to give us some insight into her training schedule as a Field Hockey student-athlete at Michigan State University: "I joined the Michigan State field hockey team in August 2011. We started pre-season in early August and then out season began around the end of August. I had an amazing first year at State - it was a lot of fun, and a great experience! We traveled for the first 10 weeks of season and it was great to see all of the other schools and their campuses. In the fall, we trained every day - whether it be hockey, conditioning or lifting, and then we would play two games each weekend. We trained in the afternoon each day and attended classes in the mornings. We are now in our Spring Season which consists of a lot of conditioning, kick boxing and working on our skills. After Spring break, we have our spring season games where we start to play against other schools and go to tournaments. We practice in the mornings in spring, starting at 7am. It has been a great year so far, and I am already excited for next season to begin the fall!" We would like to thank Heather for getting in touch, and wish her continued success at MSU. To find out more about Field Hockey scholarships with FirstPoint USA, check out our website.

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