Staff Profile - Nicola Pitticas

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Every month, we plan to catch up with one of our FirstPoint USA staff members, and give you a little insight into what brought them to FirstPoint USA and what keeps them here! This month, we get the lo-down on Nicola Pitticas, our resident Head of Scouting to find out more about her role at FirstPoint USA.

Nicola joined FirstPoint USA as the sole female Sports Consultant, specializing in her sport, Field Hockey. Nicola herself, came through the FirstPoint USA program, and went on to study Classical Civilisation and Ancient Greek at Michigan State University.

Initially, Nicolas role was to identify talented young athletes with an interest in pursuing both an academic and athletic career in the USA, and to educate them in the scholarship process. Nicola is a particularly good coach, and would put a great deal of effort into motivating her clients to perform at the best of their game. As evident as it was that Nicola enjoyed this role within the company, the opportunity to spearhead the FirstPoint USA Scouting network was too tempting! Never one to pass up on a challenge, Nicola has embraced her new role with gusto. FirstPoint USA is expanding, and with it we are developing a network of international Sports Scouts to join our team. It is Nicola's job to identify suitable candidates for this role, to manage them, and most importantly - to educate them about FirstPoint USA, and the American Scholarship process. We caught up with Nicola for a bit of insight into what she's about, where she's been and what she is getting up to with all those Sport scouts! What did you do before joining FirstPoint USA? I studied at Michigan State University and played Field Hockey. I played as a Center Forward and scored schools. What is your sporting background? I started playing Hockey at Jordanhill school, then went on to play club level hockey. I am currently playing for Glasgow Western who compete in National League 1 in Scotland. What does your job involve? I operate and manage the network of scouts that we have working for us across the globe. My role included identifying the best scouts for our program and ensuring that the network remains as comprehensive and dynamic. What might you do in a day? I meet lots of new faces on a daily basis, generally I can be found on the phone, answering emails or on Skype catching up with my scouts that are further afield. What do you like most about your job? I like meeting new people and taking them through the scholarship process. My job also involves a bit of travel which is always enjoyable. Hanging out in the office with the rest of the staff is always banter, seeing the boys struggle to get the basketball in the hoop always makes me giggle as well - call themselves athletes! I think the best feeling is when one of our student-athletes commits to a scholarship and their name goes on the magic scholarship board. What are your ambitions? I would like to see us branch out and offer the opportunity of studying in the States to student-athletes from other countries. Studying in the States was the most amazing experience and I would recommend it to any talented athlete thinking about furthering their sport and education. What is your claim to fame? My claim to fame....hmmmmmmmmm that is a tough question! Really difficult to put down just one :-) ... Well I am talking about America so I will take one from my time in the States. I scored the game winner in overtime against Kent State which helped us qualify for the national tournament. I could go on an talk you through my goal but I think my colleagues would rip me apart for that. Let's just say it was a belter of a goal! What do you do in your free time? I enjoy playing hockey and keeping fit, I love hanging out with my friends and spending time with my family. My twin sister lives in London so always enjoy a wee shopping spree down there. 5 interesting facts you might not know about Nicola Pitticas I cannot wear Nike shoes and Adidas socks - my shoes and my socks need to match! So, for example, if I have plain shoes on I have got to wear plain socks. If I wear Adidas shoes, I have to wear Adidas socks. It has been said that I can burp like a boy, it is a very bad habit. My left foot is almost a size smaller than my right foot My personal best for keep yuppies is 57! I have a masters degree from the University of Glasgow which I completed after my time in the States. If you are interested in finding out more about Field Hockey Scholarships with FirstPoint USA, check out our website!

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