James Laidler Fundraising

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Check out this blog from one of our current clients, James Laidler who is currently raising money to contribute to his soccer scholarship as well as to Livability - an organisation for people with disabilities which he currently works for. James says : "I have recently just been accepted onto a programme with a company called Firstpointusa, which is an organisation that helps young athletes get soccer scholarships out in America. I had trials in which I had to play and impress the scouts then I had an interview at Chelsea FC so my consultant could get to know me and my family and see if I was a good scholarship candidate. I was fortunate enough to be accepted and have started the hardwork to get offerd a scholarship from different Universities in America. I am really trying to achieve my dream of playing football every day andachieving a degree at the same time. I feel very strongly about the company I currently work with and really enjoy helping people with disabilities to socialise with the community and try to better their own lives whether it's with work, fun or any general things. I am looking to do some fundraising using different ideas, so that I can help better the company I work with and give the people with disabilities better opportunities of trying new things. I also would like to raise the money to help fund my soccer scholarship for the first year and make my dream come true as a student athlete. The total amount raised from doing different things over the year will be shared 50/50 for both causes! Any help is appreciated and we intend on involving as many people as possible and having as much fun as possible throughout this whole process!" You can check out his blog here                        

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