Haydn Hits the Headlines

1 min read
Congratulations to Haydn Cahill, who recently secured a soccer scholarship to Salem Community college and has now been featured in Doncaster Free Press!   Speaking about his experience with securing a scholarship through FirstPoint - "I was overwhelmed and excited when I found out I had coaches wanting to sign me. I found out through a phone call from a coach who was interested. I didn't just have one offer from the USA, I received five others, which became very tough for me as they were from big states. I was told my determination and how motivated I was to win stood out." About his upcoming move to the US, Haydn commented - "Moving to America will be killer, being away from all my friends and family for that long is going to be hard but has to be done, otherwise my footballing ability will not get recognised." Well done Haydn, we wish you every success at Salem Community college!

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