Hollie Hits the Headlines

1 min read
Congratulations to Hollie Dieudonne, who has been featured in the Grimsby Telegraph for securing her soccer scholarship to Bunker Hill Community College, through FirstPoint USA! Hollie, who also made it to the top 10 wannabes on Wayne Rooney's 2010 'Street Strikers', commented - "This is my dream and it is all that I've worked for since I was a little girl." Hollie's mum commented - "She has worked so hard to get this and although I will miss her desperately, I know she will take to the new lifestyle like a duck to water." And it looks like all that hard work and determination has paid off! We would like to wish Hollie the best of luck for her time in the USA.   Do you have what it takes to secure a soccer scholarship to the USA like Hollie? Apply here for your assessment!  

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