7 of The Weirdest College Mascots

1. Sammy the Banana Slug (UC Santa Cruz)

santa cruz slug

A banana slug is a slimy yellow mollusk found near the northern California coastal community of Santa Cruz. The school adopted the slug as a mascot as a commentary on the overemphasis of athletics at many universities. Attempts to change to mascot to something else have all failed.


2. Stanford Tree (Stanford University)

Stanford Tree

The Stanford tree has been the mascot for Stanford since the early 1980s and has been in the middle of controversy ever since.

It has been thrown out of college basketball games, has gotten into fights with rival mascots, and has been caught drinking out of a flask during a game, which caused it to be suspended for the rest of the season because its BAC was twice the legal limit.

Because of that, it has become an embarrassment to Stanford, one of the classiest institutions in the country.


3. Billiken (Saint Louis University)

The Saint Louis University Billiken mascot is completely open to interpretation. Each person who describes it has a different story. Most agree, though, that it is a good-luck figure that represents things as they ought to be.


4. The Fighting Okra (Delta State)

Fighting Okra

According to the Okra's website, FeartheOkra.com, the Fighting Okra is the unofficial mascot of Delta State and is a bit of an urban legend. It appears on campus at random times usually just to torment students and athletes. Even though Delta State's official mascot is the Statesmen, this is far cooler. Not sure how many vegetable mascots exist in college sports, but this has got to be one of the greatest.


5. WuShock (Wichita State)

Wu Shock

Wichita State Universitys mascot is WuShock a fierce bundle ofwheat...


6. Boll Weevill (University of Arkansas)

Arkansas Boll Weevil

Unlike the teams that choose scary animals or mighty kings for mascots name, University of Arkansas at Monticello chose an insect. Boll Weevil is six millimeters long insect known for damaging crops. According to the schools site, the mascot was chosen in the early 20th century, when the pest was admired for its toughness and the terror it could strike to the farmers. In the end, it seems that Boll Weevils is not such an easy opponent.


7. Geoducks (Evergreen State)

goeduck mascot

Pronounced gooey duck, the geoduck is a mollusk, native to the Pacific Northwest, which explains why the college chose it as a mascot (here's a real geoduck).


Which mascot do you think is the weirdest?


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