The Difference Between DI, DII and DIII

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  Division 1 This is the top level college athletic competition, typically larger schools with the best athletes. In division 1, sport is your life: you will have less of a chance to socialise outside of athletics and less of an opportunity to get a part-time job (in effect, sport becomes your 'job'). Division 1 attracts the largest crowds and the best sporting facilities but is a huge commitment. Division 2 This is the second level of college athletic competition. The best DII athletes are comparable to the best DI athletes but choose a DII school as it is a better fit. Similar to DI schools, sport will play a major role in your college life and sacrifices may have to be made in regards to your social life. Division 3 This is the 3rd level of college athletics. Athletes here are typically looking for smaller schools and the opportunity to continue to compete in their sport. DIII schools don't offer athletic scholarships but other forms of financial aid can be offered. In DIII, there is more of a focus on academics and great academics are offered at most DIII programs. The best DIII athletes can usually play at DII level.   Do you have what it takes to secure a scholarship to play in one of these divisions? Apply here for your assessment to find out!  

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