Why Study in the USA?

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1. Variety of Education One of the best things about studying in the USA is the vast number of academic options offered to students. You can study everything from Russian history to nuclear physics. That is why so many international students choose to study in the USA.   2. Quality & Academic Excellence From Business schools to Film schools, ranked in the top slots the world over. Education in USA pans a variety of subjects and is synonymous worldwide. This is because of quality programs, faculty, resources, research programs and systems which ensure that institutions continue to maintain high standards. Accreditation systems also ensure that standards are maintained.   3. Perfect for Sports Lovers In addition to excellent educational facilities, US campuses have some of the best sports and recreational facilities in the world. You only have to check out these videos to know that the American sports facilities are in a league of their own!   4. Technology and Research USA is known for its latest technologies and advancement in technical fields which gives students a very good chance to make their future in these fields. USA has always been a hub of inventions. Students therefore have first hand knowledge about various technologies coupled with excellent research opportunities.   5. Diverse Cultural Exposure/Opportunities There are more than 650000 students currently enrolled in institution across the USA. This gives you a chance to interact with people from different cultures and customs, which builds your exposure.     6. Campus experience It has been said that the friends and experience obtained during campus life are worth as much as the education itself. Many make friends that last lifetimes. The lessons learned by co-existing and living with others from all over the world are priceless.   7. Global focus More and more often, American colleges and universities are focusing on the global aspects of each subject, better preparing students with a worldwide view of their field. No longer can students merely focus on certain geographic areas when obtaining their academic training. Most US learning institutions have recognized this and offer a more comprehensive and global curriculum to meet these new trends.  

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