Athlete of the Month - July 2012

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Every month our team get together to select one of our FirstPoint USA sport scholarship clients as our Athlete of the Month. This month we have nominated golfer, Jake Spearpoint. Congratulations Jake! "Jake signed onto our program in October 2010, which may seem like a long time ago, but Im sure Jake will agree that this time has flown by. He was just 15 when he joined our program, determined to achieve his dream of playing golf out in the US at a competitive level. Ever since I took over the progress of Jakes file, he and his family have been fantastic clients to work with. They have never been shy to contact us to ask any questions they had on their mind, and were always reciprocating when we asked questions of them. Jake is clearly a talented golfer that we have no doubt will make an immediate impact on any team he joins out there. Jake has always been very well organized with getting his checklist items done. Now with his SAT and footage behind him he will be promoted to US college coaches in the coming months. I would like to wish Jake good luck in the next stage in the process, where he will be working closely with our Clearing Department. Im sure they will enjoy working with him and his family along the way as much as I did." - Nicole Montoya (Client Services, FirstPoint USA)   Jake also featured on our blog in 2011, after being capped for the England U16 team in their defeat of Scotland in the annual match.   We contacted Jake to find out some more information about his background and reasons for choosing the American sports scholarship route;   What is your sporting background? I played football, rugby and golf at a young age, however i decided to choose golf and take it seriously when i was around 9. I started my golf at my local club, when I was 5, with my granddad who used to take me up with him when he played. From then I was always up there playing golf with him, or my Dad would spend time up there with me. At age 10, I won the County Under 10 championships (All 4 regions), then followed it up at 13 to be the County under 13 champion (All 4 regions), being only the 2nd person to ever do both. Still 13, I won the 'Laddie Lucas Spoon'. At 14 I was selected as a player for the South Region Training Squad. Then at 16 I won the County Under 16 Championship. At the same time as being selected for England Under 16. Playing England Vs Wales and England Vs Scotland, winning 3.5 points out of 4. I recently won the County Schools Championship.   What made you apply to FirstPoint USA? I had always wanted to go to America for college since I went to the US to play in the Junior World and Teen World but I was unsure about how to go through all of the process, and I was informed about FirstPoint USA. That's when I got in touch.   What are your ambitions? My goals are to attend at top University in the states, become one of the better amateurs on the Men's circuit. Then follow it on by turning pro and doing the best I can on the top tours. Also I hope to try to continue life in the states once I have finished college.   What advice would you have for anyone considering joining the program? If you're keen to get involved, do it as quickly as you can! You will have more time to build a profile and get things into shape for where they need to be.   Would you recommend FirstPoint USA? I would recommend the program to anyone interested in going to the States to study and play sport at the same time. The staff are very easy to talk to and help you with any issues you have.   We would like to thank Jake, for taking the time to tell his story, and we wish him every success in securing a scholarship to the USA.  

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