London 2012 Olympics : The Impact of American College Swimming

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Guest blog continued.... by FirstPoint USA Chief Executive and Founder, Andrew Kean.

Following the success of the London 2012 Olympics, Andrew Kean is investigating the impact that American College Sports has had on the Games.

Today Andrew reviews the facts and figures from Swimming : one of the most popular sports in London 2012.

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A Swimming scholarship to the USA is a unique opportunity to pursue an academic and playing career within some of the best academic and sporting environments in the World.

In total, there are about 1800 scholarships awarded to male divers and swimmers from US universities and colleges every year. For women, there are around 3000 scholarships given annually. To be considered for a swimming scholarship, versatility is the key.

Coaches want to recruit athletes who can master and compete in more than one event and can compete over different distances and strokes. To gain scholarship funding, you should be at least swimming at county level, and competing at a national level.

Swimming remains one of the most competitive (especially amongst men) in collegiate sport. It also brings with it, one of the most gruelling training schedules including intense early morning sessions before class.

With swimmers such as Olympian, Michael Phelps coming from a US scholarship background, it is little wonder that many swimmers and divers would look to America for their training and development.

Universities and colleges in the USA invest a huge amount into their sports facilities and coaching - making it a very attractive opportunity for those who have the ability to compete at a high level. For example, there are around 500 Olympic sized swimming pools in the US, compared to just 22 in the UK.

Many of the World's leading amateur talent see the American collegiate system has the best way to develop their sport whilst simultaneously earning a university degree.

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