Scott Murray

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Congratulations to Scott Murray who has secured a Soccer Scholarship to Jamestown College in Central North Dakota. Scott's personal Sports Consultant from FirstPoint USA, Simone Enrici, requested a special mention of Scott on our blog, after being so impressed with his attitude and maturity. Simone said of Scott : Scott has been a joy to work with at FPUSA. He was actually studying away from his home town in Australia, working on a B-Tech in England. He decided his future was in the US. He came on board with the FirstPointUSA program where he had to do a lot of this process on his own shoulders; including traveling to his assessment, interview at Stamford Bridge, two SAT exams and various client matches to build his personal footage. I believe Scott has a very promising future in the US, his overall attitude and commitment will prove a great value to any college in America. Scott Murray signed his scholarship earlier this month with Jamestown college. He flies out tomorrow to begin his scholarship experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and his father, Tony for all their hard work and wish them all the very best! Congratulations Scott, we all wish you well for your time in the United States. Good Luck to you and to all of our talented young athletes setting off to the U.S over the forthcoming days and weeks!

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