The Impact of American Collegiate Women's Soccer in the 2012 Olympics

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Guest Blog by Chief Executive, Andrew Kean

Our earlier blog saw us taking a look at the impact of US collegiate swimmers at the London 2012 Olympics, and in particular, the medal podium.

With an impressive haul of 72 medals from American sports scholarship recipients; it was fair to say that impact of the US college sport was dominant when compared to the infrastructure and development programs of other nations - including the UK (3 swimming medals).

But, was it only in the swimming events that American scholarship athletes dominated?

Within the US collegiate sports system, women's soccer has become one of the fastest growing and most competitive sports in the nation. The US National team is primarily made-up of players who have progressed through the college ranks and they have enjoyed great international success over the past 15-20 years.

How did former/current women's soccer scholarship recipients fare at the London Olympics?

Olympics soccer medals, breakdown by college :

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