The Importance of a college degree

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An article today by The Boston Globe has highlighted the impact having a college degree still has on your chances of gaining employment after graduation. While many thought that recession caused job losses for all, in fact the majority of the jobs lost as a result of the recession were those requiring only high school qualifications, and the availability of jobs requiring a bachelors degree has not changed as considerably. The gap between those with college degrees and those without continues to grow as more jobs are made for those with degrees and more jobs are cut for those without. In addition, many jobs that may have once required only high school qualifications, now increasingly hire those who have bachelor degrees. The unemployment rate for all four-year graduates is 4.5 percent. For recent graduates, it’s 6.8 percent. For recent graduates trying to work with only a high school diploma, it is nearly 24 percent. - Boston Globe In addition to this, it has been estimated that over their lifetime, those with college degrees will earn on average, $1.3million more than those who do not.blow up water slides As you can see, having a college degree will open a lot more doors for you when it comes to finding a job and starting your career!  

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