Top Ranking US Soccer Teams

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One of the best things about getting a soccer scholarship to the USA, is that you can play your sport to an incredibly high level whilst simultaneously earning a University or college education! There are so many opportunities that can open up for talented young soccer players in the USA, and so many have found this route to be a great stepping stone to become a professional athlete or even a sports coach! A Soccer scholarship to the USA is a unique means of financing your academic and athletic future, and a great opportunity to live, study and play soccer in the USA! World class training facilities and coaching are on offer to help you to reach the top of your game, and you will have the opportunity to compete against other elite athletes! American College soccer is regarded as a major sport, with approximately 20,000 players competing within the NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA associations. There are over 1200 + Men's college soccer programs andover 1400 + Women's college soccer programs at Universities across the United States. In Men's Soccer at Division I level, there is a maximum of 14 scholarships per team. For Division II, there are a potential 9.9 scholarships available, 12 for NAIA programs and an NJCAA program can have up to 18 scholarships available. For Women's programs, there are a maximum of 14 scholarships for a DI team, 9.9 for DII, 12 for NAIA programs and 18 for a NJCAA program. Check out which teams are currently ranking top in each division : If you are a talented young male or female soccer player and you are interested at playing your sport at a top University in the USA whilst earning a degree, register for your assessment today!

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