8 Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Students

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For those that don't know, Pinterest is a free, pin board, social bookmarking/sharing site. By using thumbnail images, users can 'pin' links to blog posts, articles and websites, onto personal boards and organise image 'pins' into categories, in a 'save for later' bookmarking style. For those who have heard of Pinterest, it may conjure up girly images of wedding dresses, cupcakes, and bunting, but don't let that put you off! Pinterest can be used for much much more - here we have 8 ways in which students can successfully utilise Pinterest to make their lives that bit easier... Online Bibliography Use Pinterest as a means of bookmarking articles and papers for assessments, using the handy functionality of commenting on each image link, you'll be able to better organise information and quickly see your notes on what the content is about. Group Collaboration If you have a group assignment, register a Pinterest account for the whole group and you'll be able to easily share ideas and content with each other. A great idea for brainstorming and/or keeping track of what research people in your group have done. Fitness and Nutrition One of the things Pinterest is most popular for is fitness and nutrition advice, from how to squeeze exercise into a busy schedule, to full fitness plan ideas. Perfect for those wanting to be in peek physical fitness for heading out to start a life as a student athlete! College Planning Whether you're moving to college for the first time, or moving back after the holidays, use Pinterest to plan everything you might need. Why not create a board full of dorm decorating ideas or bookmark any gadgets that might help you with your college work?   Motivational Quotes Pinterest are so into their motivational quotes, that they've set up their own separate category for them! If you need a little 'pick-me-up' or a boost of motivation, that will not be hard to find, pin the ones that work best for you and you will have a board full of motivation for when times get tough, whether it be with athletics, academics or homesickness! Come Prepared If you're moving to an area you are unfamiliar with for college, why not use Pinterest to research and pin information about the area? Many colleges, college teams and even states have their own Pinterest profiles for you to explore, so what's stopping you!? Survival Pinterest in great for sharing easy and budget recipes, perfect for student purse-strings and a lot more exciting than beans on toast! Also, look out for tips and how-to's for organising and keeping your dorm tidy too. Event Planning Research and pin any holiday ideas, such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Spring Break. If you're thinking of having a party, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for party ideas.

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