Athlete of the Month - Could it be you?

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Every month, our staff get together to nominate our 'Athlete of the Month' from the hundreds of talented young Athletes we have on our program. Having so many potential nominees on our books can make this a tough decision, so this month we have decided to open up the nominations to YOU! [gallery orderby="ID"]

Are you a FirstPoint USA Athlete (past or present) and do you think YOU should be our Athlete of the Month for October 2012?

Or would you like to nominate one of our other athletes?

Maybe you have a deserving friend or family member on the program?

Maybe you have played with or against someone in our client games that you think deserves a little credit?....

Our Athletes of the Month are showcased on our Blog which receives an average of 80,000 views per month!

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase yourself - who knows who could be reading!

To nominate yourself or someone else for FirstPoint USA Athlete of the Month for October 2012, all you have to do is tweet! Tweet us @FirstPointUSA1 and use the Hashtag #AthleteOfTheMonth with your nomination, and the reason why you think that you (or they) should be Athlete of the Month before October 31st at 4pm GMT. Our staff will then review every nomination and the reasons, and agree which Athlete is deserving of this title! Check out our previous Athletes of the Month, and get Tweeting!

It's your turn. Kickstart your scholarship journey today!

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