Getting the Right Party/Study Balance

22-Oct-2012 | 2 min read

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Concerned your party/social life may interfere with your grades? Worry not, Al's here to show you how it's done! ¬† Dear Agony Al, I arrived on campus 6 weeks ago, made some great new friends, but have spent the majority of my time with them partying like a man possessed. Itís great fun, but how can I get the balance between the books and beer right over the next 4 years? Cheers fella. Mark, 19 years, Wisconsin ¬† Mark, Work hard play hard is Agony Alís motto. First set yourself targets with study. If you donít meet those targets then you donít reward yourself with party session. If you are anything like Agony Al youíll soon be meeting these targets and then some! ...Oh and donít be giving yourself easy reachable targets. The beer will taste a lot better when youíve worked hard for it! Youíre welcome Al xxx ¬†

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