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FirstPoint USA headquarters are based in Glasgow, and we have a team of experienced staff who help you through every stage of our scholarship process. Although the majority of our staff have all been through our scholarship process and played their sport at University in the USA, there are certainly a few members of our team who (although they havn't themselves been to the USA on scholarship), they are equally as important - and even overlooked in our blog posts! Nicolle Crawford is one of these staff members. Nicolle is the heart of our Admin team at FirstPoint USA, and is most of our athletes first point of contact. Whether our athletes apply online, or phone through with an enquiry - Nicolle is always happy to help! Nicolle is a great support for our team at FirstPoint USA - there's not much she does not know about our company, and she is always available to help with enquiries ....athlete - or staff! She is always friendly, and helpful and is 'the unsung hero' of the company, given the amount she does to help everyone out! We felt it was about time that Nicolle had a mention on our blog so we caught up with her to find out more out who is behind 'the voice on the phone'.... What did you do before coming to FPUSA? Before coming to FirstPoint I had finished school in 2007 and took a year out before deciding on what to do with my future. I was going back and forth on whether to go to University to become a Social Worker but in the end, making money was more appealing to me rather than going into education for another 4 years. Describe what your job involves? I work within the administration department but my role differs from day to day. I manage the general enquries inbox along with my own, so any outside queries coming in, I will deal with these daily. I book all of the travel for our staff, whether it be meetings in London or box hire in Bolton down to all of their flights and hire cars for the day. As I am most experienced with our client database, if anyone has any problems, I am always on hand to help, along with any other computer problems our staff may experience. I also manage our client once a client is ready to be passed to the Clearing Department for promotion I create their profiles online for all of our coaches to view. What might you do in a day? When I arrive in the morning I reply to all my emails from overnight. As I am down at reception area the phone will ring throughout the day and I am happy to help with any queries our callers may have. I keep record of all new clients signing with our company on a day to day basis and make sure a receipt and copy of contract is issued to each along with a new client pack. When Client Services is busy, I will ensure that a number of profiles are ready for promotion every week... so for the rest of the day I will concentrate on getting everyone online as soon as possible. What do you like most about your job? I like the fact that my role varies and doesnt become repetative and there is never a time where I am stuck for something to do! What are your ambitions? My ambition is to win the lottery and own my own nightclub (Sparklers-look out for it one day!!!). Realistically I would like to move to Australia within the next couple of years...sunshine over rainy Scotland wins every time. Whats your claim to fame? My cousin is the lead guitarist in the band Texas! What do you do in your free time/ what are your hobbies? In my free time, I like going to the pub and cinema. I am a big movie fan and probably go through about 3 or 4 times a week. I love shopping and have an obsession with shoes so I try to limit this to at least 1 pair a month. I enjoy playing pool and crazy golf athough Im terrible at both lol! 5 interesting facts about me!
  • Firstpoint USA was my first job
  • My great grandmother was Spanish
  • I have 3 piercings and they are all above my neck
  • I have Trypanophobia (fear of needles)
  • I always have to have my nails painted
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