The Pros & Cons of living off campus

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Article by By Megan Heynen, Uloop "One of the biggest decisions for college students is where to live after their freshman year: off campus or on campus. Not only do you have to pick roommates, but you also have to consider location as well as what will be cheaper, more convenient and more sensible. There are many factors to weigh, but the only way to know what is best for you is to try them out. Nonetheless, here are some pros and cons to living off campus that I have discovered this year so far. The cons: Traveling to and from your house or apartment can be a big excursion, and there might not be enough time in between classes to get back home. This can lead to awkward voids in your day that you will need to fill with studying, eating or something else. When you go to school you need to bring everything. Since there is often not enough time to come back home in between classes, you need to bring all your books for your classes, work to do in your free time and any food or snacks youll need to get you through the day. It can be tough to find reliable transportation. Although it varies by location, buses are often not on schedule, which can complicate your commute. For that reason, I always leave the house about an hour before my class starts. Living off campus means you need to take care of bills and grocery shopping, which may take away from your study or leisure time. Despite all this, there are also some very appealing aspects to living off campus. The pros: Living off campus can be a cheaper option. You learn very valuable life lessons by paying bills and going grocery shopping. I consider it a pro and a con. You are able to have a space that separates you from school. Last year I felt overwhelmed being at school all the time because I felt pressure to constantly study and be in school mode. Living off campus gives me my own space and a separate mindset. It is much easier to have friends over. In on-campus housing the walls are very thin and you need to be careful of making too much noise. Granted, in residential areas you need to be careful of that as well, but not to the same extreme. From my own personal experience, I have found living off campus to be the more enjoyable option. If you can find a group of level-headed friends to join you, I think the perks of living off campus far outweigh the incoveniences." Article by By Megan Heynen, Uloop

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